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We Live In Central Ohio,
We Might Get 2 Feet of Snow, And then again ...
Planning for winter weather contingencies is an important part of your overall business plan,
and McCullough’s Tree Service is ready and able to assist you with prompt and sensible service. Why wait to locate someone at the last minute to clear your parking lot or address ice conditions when you can count on McCullough's to be monitoring the weather and on the job when the need is there?


We try to beat the local authorities in addressing snow and ice conditions. This means your business may get service before road crews have addressed local road situations. We monitor the weather so we can promptly meet your business needs.

Responsible Ice Melt Product Use

Our ice melt product performs effectively to -5 Fahrenheit. It is non-toxic to humans and animals, and it will not damage floor surfaces or shoes. Finally, we use it in quantities to minimize the impact on your landscape.

Just In Time Response

We plow when accumulations reach one inch; however, we will respond to ice conditions when you need us. Thus, you only pay for what you need.

Our Guarantee

At McCullough's Tree Service, your satisfaction is our priority! We will be there at the time agreed, perform quality checks, and stake properties to mark entrances.