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Friday, 13 January 2017 13:01

Take me back!

Do you have a favorite TV program that takes you back in time? I love all the old stuff. Andy Griffith, Carol Burnett, Mash, Colombo, Diagnosis Murder, Murder She Wrote and I could go on and on. So now, all the millennials are scratching their heads and asking each other what a “Mash is” or “who is Carol Burnette,” well if I really wanted to mess with them, I would say I loved the Red Skelton show and Lawrence Welk was a close second!

 I will say there are a few TV shows in the current decade that I like, Last Man Standing, Chopped, Kids Chopped, Cooks or Cons, My 600 lb. Life and a few more. Wow, if you look back at my list, it’s a little scary how many murder mystery shows and food shows I like. I’m not weird, I promise, although all those cooking shows might be the tip off as to why I am interested in the show, My 600 lb. Life!

I do get a bit nostalgic when I watch Andy Griffith…dirt roads, old cars, manners, respect for country, respect for parents…not to mention the checker game at the barber shop and the sheriff’s office. Fishing at the local fishing hole and Sunday after church picnics on a blanket! Yep, I am sounding a little “Polly Anna” right now, but that’s what it was like “back in the day” and it was good!

Don’t get me wrong, HGTV has some pretty good programs and the cooking channel is amazing, did I say that already, well maybe not in so many words…I digress, I guess you can find the good in everything if you look close enough or you can just fire up the VCR (again the millennials) and watch all those old tapes!

If news is your thing, Fox and Friends water it down enough to be tolerated. They even laugh a little…not that there’s much to laugh at in the news! So if it’s world news you’re looking for on a less harsh platform, you might try Fox. Personally, I try to steer clear of all that stuff (putting on my rose colored glasses here) and I watch what’s funny, inspiring and uplifting! Okay, that may not always be true, again all the murder mystery shows! Did I mention I am a huge fan of the Hallmark Channels…what a sap! You were thinking it, so I said it for you!

If there’s nothing on the “tube” (a lot of people scratching their heads now) then grab a book, yes a book with paper pages and everything, and read something uplifting and inspiring. Or grab your kindle and hope the battery doesn’t die and download something good…or go to the library, yes they are still around! The library is another experience that should be had by all.

So now you’re thinking I am probably 75 or 80 years old and should get with it…well I am not. I am middle aged, computer literate, up to date on social media and websites and I know a thing or two about life…and I know I liked the kinder, gentler days!

After all this preaching, if you were to say to me “go make a cup of coffee” I would say to you, coffee from a coffee maker at home…no thank you, I’ll go to Starbucks! There are some things that should not be “back in the day”!

This blog was written for this site by a “middle aged” guest blogger!

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