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Wednesday, 10 January 2018 19:57

Bowling is a great Team Building Activity

We decided to have our Christmas Party recently at Sunrise Bowling Center. As you can see, there are many smiles on the faces of our team. 

Bowling is a great way to build a team, a crew of workers and even a family can benefit, because it builds positive reinforcements of teamwork while strengthening relationships. All involved learn to help their teammates, which is the idea behind team building exercises.


Whoever is chosen as your teammate depends on you…as you depend on them to succeed. Encouragement for each other is exciting, and so are prizes if you decide to add a little more fun and excitement to the game.


While not everyone is going to be a great bowler, the main goal is that it’s casual fun. It creates a relaxing and fun atmosphere for those who work together on a daily basis, but don’t often get a chance to learn about each other outside of work. Many people learn to understand who the real person is in this friendly competition.



Think about your business and what kind of team building activities you can develop. Maybe it will be an annual event that all your staff looks forward to. Mainly, once your team is back to work, they have a new idea of keeping on the ball for business.

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It’s baseball season and the crack of the bat gets my blood pumping. Whether it’s the big leagues or little league, summer definitely signals the beginning of the exciting baseball season. My love of baseball goes back to the Cincinnati Reds and watching them on TV every chance I got. From the first game to the World Series, I couldn’t get enough. What could be more exciting than this…that would have to be watching your own children play baseball and someday watching your grandchildren play ball!

Don’t you just love the suspense of “full count” on the batter and the dialog between the catcher and pitcher, who know each other as well as anyone can? The pitcher rubbing some dirt on the ball, tugging at the brim of his ball cap, staring straight down the invisible line waiting for the signal from the catcher, and then he draws up his leg and lets go with the stretch and form that can only be described as a thing of beauty. And then…the home run! The batter swings with full commitment and knocks it out-of-the- park. Did I mention I love baseball?

So why am I telling you about my love of baseball, because that’s how I view my business. McCullough’s Tree Service is made of committed team members who work hard to hit it out-of-the-park for you every time. We’re knowledgeable, trained and ready to go. Call this great team today…Let’s PLAY BALL!

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