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Friday, 05 May 2017 13:41

It's a Bloomin' Good Time!


Are you taking time to smell the “blossoms”? This spring has been perfect for all the blooming spring species. Seems the mild winter, the warmer spring and the extra rain was just what the plant doctor ordered for all the beautiful perennials. From Irises to Lilacs, the beautiful display is outstanding.

Maybe you’re driving along checking out all the great scenery and perhaps you’re not a real fan of lots of plants and foliage around your house, but all of this spring splendor has you thinking maybe you should start planting too. My best tip would be plant perennials, some that bloom and some that are beautiful fill in greenery, and you too can have a spectacular spring and summer display. Honestly, a few hours of planting and you’re good for many seasons to come.

Trees that bloom make for an eye-catching yard. If you have the room, be sure to incorporate a few trees in your planting. Trees are a treasure that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Enjoy the sunshine, planting, and ice tea sipping this spring and summer! Stop and smell the roses…we only get one trip through this beautiful journey, don’t miss a minute of it!

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Monday, 23 February 2015 17:16

Beating the Winter Blues

Do you have the winter blues?  Planning and thinking of spring is a sure bet to put a smile on your face and a lift in your heart while warming your spirit. Perhaps it’s time to change up your landscaping a little this upcoming warm weather season. Maybe you have decided to add a few new trees to your yard. Start planning now and then give McCullough’s Tree Service a call and make it happen this spring.

Are you creative? Did you know a great way to beat that yucky, just a little on the blue side feeling is to be creative? During this gloomy, snowy, cold and never ending winter weather, it’s not uncommon to get just a little down! But there are many ways to get that pick-me-up you need. If you are handy with wood and tools, built something wonderful for your home or perhaps a dollhouse for your daughter or granddaughter or how about a wooden train set for the young man in your family. It’s a sure bet that your wife or girlfriend would love a new piece of furniture or wall art for the home, or if you’re a talented lady with the woodworking skills, make something for your guy that will knock his socks off!

If you sing, sing your heart out at the top of your lungs and it wouldn’t hurt to dance around a little. Do you paint, why not create a great work-of-art, or on a much larger scale, paint a room in your house in a color that will lift your mood. Draw, knit, crochet, weave or learn to play an instrument, all great ways to get your spirits soaring!

Remember, this too shall pass and the trees and flowers will soon be blooming and budding. The hum of the lawnmower will soon be heard and the birds will be chirping! So…get creative…get planning and get happy!


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