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This time of year we may not have such harsh weather, but the trees have lost their leaves, and the fruits they produce that feeds the many wildlife that stays in this area throughout winter months. Animals will eat bark, and what might be left of grass and brush, but they do enjoy a source they can depend on.


It’s very important to note that once you start feeding wildlife that you don’t abruptly stop. Keeping the birdfeeders, and corncob holders filled is vital to their daily nutrition. Many lumber-type establishments will stock supplies such as bird seed, corn cobs, suet and cakes, nuts and fruits, and food blocks for deer.


Make sure that the habitat area you are feeding also has a safe water source, and shrubbery that wildlife can hide or nest in. Feeding is only one way in which you can enjoy nature. Making it feel safe to them also is important to keep them coming around. Start by checking out the area before you invest in feeding and you will have a wonderful experience watching a variety of animals.


It is necessary to educate yourself on the risks of providing food for the animals, especially birds. Disease is easily transferred to these inhabitants if care is not taken in the place the birds and other wildlife go to get their food source. It’s a great idea to watch this video on research from Iowa State about disease transmission and birds to understand the risk and hear how to keep birds safe.

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Saturday, 27 August 2016 12:49

Take a Fall Hike - Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

We are closing in on one of the best times of the year to go hiking. Cooler weather, beautiful and colorful foliage and the sounds of fall critters and insects will melt stress and anxiety away. We all know the health benefits of hiking, but most of the concentration is on the physical aspect, but there are also the emotional aspects of sight, sound and smells. Exercise releases endorphins which makes us feel naturally happier so hiking is very good for our emotional well-being. When you add the wonderful smells and sounds to the natural endorphin release…you’ll experience an amazing transformation. Nature is so beautiful and should be enjoyed as much as possible. Grab your best pair of tennis shoes or hiking boots and your favorite 2-legged or 4-legged friend and hit the trail. Remember to keep it clean, don’t litter, and if you find litter pick it up along the way. No, you didn’t put it there, but you can certainly clean it up. Stay hydrated on your hike, drink plenty of fluids and take a break now and then…breaks are a great time to simply breath in all the great smells or to check out the wildlife scampering around.  I included a link to many hiking trails just a few miles from where you live in Ohio.

Now get your shoes on and get out there and experience the great outdoors!

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