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Friday, 04 August 2017 18:17

Teamwork - I'm in!

What we accomplish when we work as a team is phenomenal! Brainstorming brings about great ideas. We are all created differently and that makes for a melting pot of amazing input and awesome results!

No one should try to be, want to be or be made to be an “island until themselves”, that will limit you to your ideas, input and singular results.

I think a successful team has members who want to pick each other’s brains, get each other’s ideas and experiences, and development and grow that information into something unstoppable. Take a look at successful people around you, whether famous or in your work or social environment, they seek out the people who have great ideas, are successful themselves and are not afraid to share their experiences.

For just a minute, let’s talk about those successful people who share their experiences and knowledge. Take a good look at them, they are confident, secure and carry themselves in a way that says, “I will help you, because I am not threatened or intimidated.” How do they get that way? It’s simple, by sharing and talking with others, who are themselves, secure and confident. You can learn a lot by hanging out with just these types of individuals!

Something to remember along the way, you will not always have the winning idea, you may think you do, but majority may rule…how will you accept that? Figure that out, I can only tell you that you have to see this in your own mind, while your idea was great, you may be the only one who saw it that way. Accept that, know who you are, and be willing to say that while you felt it was an amazing idea, the majority saw it differently. Why did they see it differently…because we are all created to be different from one another…and now, we are back to where we started.

One last thing to leave you with…this maturity doesn’t happen overnight, it comes from working with others, learning who you are, finding yourself and gaining confidence in life. One day you will realize that rejection didn’t really feel the way it used to, you’ll find that creative and constructive criticism helps you to grow and develop your skills. Move through life with a purpose and don’t carry extra weight, like a chip on your shoulder…it will only slow you down!

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