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I see this quote everywhere on social media. It sounds wonderful, but the big question is how do we achieve this. I can tell you what I do to try to reach this point in life. I create goals for myself. I do some real soul searching to come up with the answer to the question, what really makes me happy. Once I have figured that out, I set forth with one or two of my goals. Sounds easy, right…it’s not always so easy. It may take some real effort, it may mean a financial investment, and it may mean a change in attitude, job or location. It may mean some real tough changes within you.

I believe it would be very naive to think that we will always be 100% happy with our lives, but the goal is to be happy as much of the time as humanly possible, and that comes by making it a life you want to have. So many people live a life where they merely exist and that my friends is not truly living. When you find yourself in that life situation, that’s when you start to make some big changes. Ask yourself some deep questions like am I working in a profession that I really like and am passionate about? Am I living beyond my financial means and find myself always strapped for money, how can I change that? Could I improve my worth and value in the workplace by extending my education? Am I treating my family in a way I am proud of, is my family treating me in a manner that makes me feel happy? Now I am not suggesting changing family members, I am suggesting sitting down for a family meeting and discussing how everyone can come together to create a better dynamic with the household. I am a firm believer in the phrase, “where there’s a will, there’s a way” and I put that into practice in life often! I also put my faith into action and I make sure that I am saturating myself in positive input as much as I can. From what I read, to what I watch and what I listen to on the radio, I try to keep it positive! You might be surprised how big an effect it has on your life. Give it a try!

I understand that there are times when grief and illness may be something you can’t change and during those times we must allow ourselves to process the pain, but also during those times it’s absolutely imperative that we find a way to focus on any positive aspect we can find and we also have to look for the strength within ourselves to push through, to grab on to the best we can find and live each day to the absolute fullness.

Find your best life now! Change what needs to be changed, embrace what makes you happy and wake up to a life you truly love!



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Friday, 02 September 2016 16:38

An Urban Treasure

Mission Oaks Gardens is a beautiful urban garden located in Zanesville, Ohio. It exists quietly and virtually undetectable from the street in a residential neighborhood. More than seven acres of gardens showcase hundreds of rare and unusual plants including a collection of azaleas, rhododendrons, magnolias and conifers. Perennials, annuals and wildflowers fill the gardens year round. The gardens also feature two waterfalls, a natural bog, a perennial garden, walking paths, creek, gazebo and one of the most renowned conifer gardens in the state. The nearly two acre conifer garden displays over 300 trees, many of which are not native to North America. These trees represent more than 90 species within more than 50 genera. In 2010 Mission Oaks Gardens was acquired by the Muskingum Valley Park District through the NRAC Clean Ohio Fund to ensure the preservation of these exceptional gardens for the enjoyment and education of many generations to come. We look forward to seeing you at Mission Oaks Gardens.

The garden’s history began in the late 1980’s with the purchase of the property by Bert and Susan Hendley. They lovingly restored the mission style home which sits at the top of the property and then began the development of the gardens in an abandoned ravine located below the home. It has a unique micro-climate that makes it suitable for the survival of both native and non-native plants to this part of Ohio.

Formerly, Mission Oaks Gardens were visited by invitation or appointment only, but are now open to the public daily. Staff and Mission Oaks Volunteer Members and other help maintain and host these unique gardens where visitors are invited to ask questions as they meander through.

If you haven’t visited Mission Oaks Gardens in Zanesville, Ohio, then you are truly missing out on a relaxing and educational adventure. Hiding in this beautiful place is a spectacular Fairy Garden…one that will interest both young and young at heart!

So much to see, so much to do and so much to learn…don’t miss out on this perfectly perfect place!


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Sunday, 01 May 2016 21:44

The Good and Bad of Social Media

Are you a tech-aholic? Can’t get enough of social media? Well, to be totally truthful…I can’t either!

Social media has many benefits. It can connect families from all over the country. It can help you find long lost friends, colleagues, school mates, high school sweethearts and more. Social media is also a great marketing tool. You can learn so much about businesses by looking at their social media pages. Reviews, comments and posts can give you great insight into their services and how they preform them. You can see products, great deals, sales, solutions to problems, great recipes and the list goes on and on. Pinterest is an invaluable site for great ideas and “how to” projects. Even though youtube might not be considered social media, there are many useful and insightful videos that help you solve every day problems. I have to say our family has fixed many car repair issues and home improvement projects by watching helpful youtube videos. Youtube is also a ton of fun… hey, who doesn’t want to be able to whip and nae nae, not to mention stanky leg!

Now…let’s really talk about social media! I can’t say enough about the excessive amount of DRAMA that goes on every day all day! For some of us…it’s completely annoying, for others it seems to be a way of life in which they thrive. Now one would think it would be the young people, those who haven’t been on this earth long enough to know that not everyone wants to hear about your arguments, shopping trips, what you had to eat, who is talking about whom, work drama, road rage and…I could go on and on, but this kind of stuff is being posted by individuals of all ages! Please, enough already...nobody really wants to know everything about your life!

There is a really dark side to social media too. We need to educate our kids at a very young age about the people out there who seek to harm. Parents, really pay attention to who your kids are talking to, sharing photos with and meeting up with. Where there is good, evil is ever present!

So now that you have my two-cents worth about social media…I wonder, will you do anything differently?!

This blog borrowed from a fellow blogger.




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