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I see this quote everywhere on social media. It sounds wonderful, but the big question is how do we achieve this. I can tell you what I do to try to reach this point in life. I create goals for myself. I do some real soul searching to come up with the answer to the question, what really makes me happy. Once I have figured that out, I set forth with one or two of my goals. Sounds easy, right…it’s not always so easy. It may take some real effort, it may mean a financial investment, and it may mean a change in attitude, job or location. It may mean some real tough changes within you.

I believe it would be very naive to think that we will always be 100% happy with our lives, but the goal is to be happy as much of the time as humanly possible, and that comes by making it a life you want to have. So many people live a life where they merely exist and that my friends is not truly living. When you find yourself in that life situation, that’s when you start to make some big changes. Ask yourself some deep questions like am I working in a profession that I really like and am passionate about? Am I living beyond my financial means and find myself always strapped for money, how can I change that? Could I improve my worth and value in the workplace by extending my education? Am I treating my family in a way I am proud of, is my family treating me in a manner that makes me feel happy? Now I am not suggesting changing family members, I am suggesting sitting down for a family meeting and discussing how everyone can come together to create a better dynamic with the household. I am a firm believer in the phrase, “where there’s a will, there’s a way” and I put that into practice in life often! I also put my faith into action and I make sure that I am saturating myself in positive input as much as I can. From what I read, to what I watch and what I listen to on the radio, I try to keep it positive! You might be surprised how big an effect it has on your life. Give it a try!

I understand that there are times when grief and illness may be something you can’t change and during those times we must allow ourselves to process the pain, but also during those times it’s absolutely imperative that we find a way to focus on any positive aspect we can find and we also have to look for the strength within ourselves to push through, to grab on to the best we can find and live each day to the absolute fullness.

Find your best life now! Change what needs to be changed, embrace what makes you happy and wake up to a life you truly love!



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