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Friday, 22 September 2017 22:27

It's time for Fall TV!

It’s fall and with that comes the new fall lineup on TV. What have you been waiting for? There are a few decent shows left on TV, but a very few. New this year, The Good Doctor on ABC sounds awesome and sheds some light on Autism. America’s Funniest Videos, Shark Tank and Dancing with the Stars are all back for another round as well as American Housewife. While I am not a fan of narration during a sitcom, this one seems to flow pretty well…it’s tolerable!

They’re bringing back Will & Grace…why?? Big Bang Theory and Voice are back as well as Chicago Fire and Grey’s Anatomy.

Since I am a huge fan of HGTV, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Fixer Upper, House Hunters, House Hunters International, Good Bones and Property Brothers! I think if I have to watch one more house flipping show I might just “flip and flop” all over! Can we say overkill!

If you are lacking in the cooking department, there’s a myriad of help out there for you. Let’s just say there are soooo many, I am providing a link.

If you loved Jesse Stone, Magnum P.I.  and Friends…Blue Bloods is back for another year!

If you loved Matt LeBlanc in Friends, Man with a Plan is coming back!

If you loved Andy Griffith…well, you’ll have to watch Matlock reruns!

Enjoy some fall TV…watch a couple football games, well maybe more than a few…but don’t forget to step away for a bonfire, tailgate party and some great family time!

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13 Weird Side Effects everyone experiences from growing up in Ohio!

Oh, it’s real. If you grew up in Ohio or have lived in Ohio for a few decades, you know each and every one of these is true. Ohio has the best roller coasters, deer popping out from behind every tree in every wooded area and yes, we’ve all said it…The Walmart, not Walmart but “The” Walmart!

This is a great read! Funny, relevant and O-H so true…did I get an I-O?!

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