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Thursday, 02 November 2017 15:24

Fertilizing Trees in the Fall

With trees going dormant, now is a perfect time to have them fertilized. Our formulation will give trees the strength and vitality they need to stay healthy. When you do tree maintenance you will have trees that are resistant to disease and pests. Some of the nutrients will have a chance to be absorbed by the roots and will already be in the ground when the roots resume functioning in the spring. 
Roots continue growing and absorbing nutrients long after the leaves fall, often into December, and begin work again in the spring before the leaves return.  A tree may be getting adequate nutrients from the soil already, but it may benefit from additional fertilizer to keep it growing at its best. 
Give us a call today to set up your fall tree fertilization so you will enjoy your happy, healthy trees for years to come.
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Friday, 24 March 2017 15:52

What exactly is the spring equinox?

Although there’s nothing official about it, it’s traditional to say the March or vernal equinox signals the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. This equinox does provide a hallmark for the sun’s motion in our sky, marking that special moment when the sun crosses the celestial equator going from south to north. The 2017 vernal equinox arrived on March 20 at 10:29 UTC. In the Northern Hemisphere, we’re enjoying earlier sunrises, later sunsets, softer winds, sprouting plants. Meanwhile, the opposite season – later sunrises, earlier sunset, chillier winds, dry and falling leaves – south of the equator. For all of us, the moon will be at the last quarter phase. Follow the links below to learn more about this equinox.

What is an equinox?

Where should I look to see signs of the equinox in nature?

Does the sun rise due east and set due west at the equinox?

Last quarter moon at March equinox 2017

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Friday, 09 September 2016 17:15

Keeping "tree" stress to a minimum!

Fall Fertilization: Keeping stress to a minimum.

Trees are very sensitive to their environments. The disruption of an ecosystem—whether caused by man or nature—can greatly stress a tree. In urban environments, poor soil quality, overcrowded tree planters, and competition for water between different plants are the most common stressors to trees. If not treated, such stress can inhibit a tree’s growth or photosynthesis cycle. So, the next time you see a stressed tree, help it out! Keep your soil nutrient-rich and give your trees plenty of space to breath.

Did you know that trees growing in the woods are naturally fertilized? That’s why they are extremely healthy, but trees that are planted in your yard and landscaping need a little help with fertilization. That’s why it’s very important to have a trained and certified professional fertilize your trees in the fall. Proper fertilization and added nutrients help your trees survive the winter and give them a great head start for the spring and summer months. Your trees compete every day with the lawn, shrubs and vegetation to ensure they get enough nutrients to survive. Often times, because most homeowners keep lawn debris cleaned up, your trees do not get the nutrients they need from decomposing leaves and wood. Here’s the good news…the certified Arborists at McCullough’s Tree Service are well qualified to diagnose and treat your trees, ensuring that you have a cool and “leafy” spring and summer.

Planting in the fall – perfect timing!

Are you aware that fall is the perfect time to plant your shade trees for the upcoming spring and summer season? Why you ask, because when cooler weather comes around, trees become somewhat dormant, in other words they go into hibernation...just like bears! When a bear hibernates, its heart rate and respiratory system slow down considerably; it gets very sleepy and requires very little nutrition. Much like a bear, your tree also enters a hibernation state where no growth occurs in the upper branches and attention is given to growing a stronger root system. This stronger root system will better support foliage growth in the spring. 

If planting is on your agenda this fall, McCullough’s Tree Service is ready to make it happen. We’ll help you pick the right tree, the right location and provide you with all the help you need to turn your planting dream into a reality!

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Oak Wilt Disease has been identified in the United States for quite some time, but most recently it has made an appearance in the Central Ohio area. McCullough's Tree Service is leading the way in the prevention and treatment of this disease.
Check out this fact sheet for more information, then give us a call…we’ll make sure your trees are in great shape.

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Friday, 11 September 2015 18:48

Let's Talk About Fall!

Fall is almost here, are you looking forward to pumpkin everything, wearing sweatshirts and warm sweaters or taking in a great football game followed by a roaring bonfire? Fall is a great time of year! Meal preparation changes to thoughts of warm, hearty soups, roasts with potatoes and sweet endings like a cup of hot chocolate or an evening latte. The air changes to a greener smell and leaves dance along the edges of the road and gently fall on roofs and lawns. There’s nothing better than raking up a huge mountain of leaves and jumping in with great gusto! Sitting around the fire pit on a lazy Saturday night making s’mores is a great family gathering.  I don’t know how you spend your fall days and cool fall evenings, but at McCullough’s Tree Service our thoughts turn to your lawn in the spring…that’s right I said spring. Why, because proper fertilization in the fall makes for a great looking lawn in the spring.

Give us a call today. Our fall fertilization list is growing…but we’ll squeeze you in!

On this 9.11.15 we want to take a moment to honor those who have given their lives for this country and who have fought for our freedom. We will never forget what has been taken, but we will also never forget what a mighty nation we are and how we are ordained to be strong…looking back with somberness, but looking forward in strength. 

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