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Wednesday, 31 January 2018 21:50

Welcoming February

Doesn’t February seem hopeful that spring is just around the corner? This month we do get the first sign of spring with some emerging green. Get ready for spring gardening by sharpening your tools, and replace any that may be broken. If you have moving tools, make sure they are cleaned and re-oiled. It’s best to work with equipment that makes the job simpler.


Be careful of the lawn grasses while the ground is still frozen. Damage can be caused by walking or driving on frozen grass. If clearing a driveway use organic kitty litter, sawdust or sand instead of salt to preserve your lawn and plants. Salt may cause damage to dormant greens.


If you start to prune your plants, look for praying mantis eggs and put them back. Praying mantises eats pesky bugs. Also be sure to water any plants that are newer. Cold air actually removes moisture in the winter and they need water to replenish and be able to grow and stay healthy.


Join a group on social media to share ideas and talk about the upcoming spring plants and get tips to make your garden fun, fresh and new! Join a garden club and trade seeds, learn about planting techniques and meet some like-minded people that you enjoy being with.


Spring is definitely an exciting and renewing season to look forward to, but who says you have to wait for it to arrive. Start your planning now. Here is a website you may find interesting. Danny Lipford is a popular home improvement show host. Here are some of his tips for February lawn and garden to do lists:

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