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Friday, 08 September 2017 20:08

Your skilled labor future!

I’ve been reading a lot of articles recently that show strong indicators that there is going to be a huge shortage of individuals for skilled labor positions. The current college graduates and a few years prior to these have shunned the skilled labor market and rightly so. The economy has been bad, therefore reducing the number of skilled labor positions. Now that there’s been a strong upturn, we have a glut of college graduates, but very few individuals with skilled labor knowledge.

Why not start looking at one and two year programs in the skilled labor fields. Welding, mechanics, plumbers, HVAC technicians, maintenance, construction, brick layers, arborists, tree climbers and the list goes on and on…there’s a shortage and you can fill a spot. Think about graduating from a one or two year program with very little, if any, debt and landing a job with great pay…it’s all out there waiting for you! With all the amazing energy alternatives, you could become a Wind Turbine Technician. Bet that’s something you never thought of!

I’ve included two great links to get your thought process going. Think about it, a career waiting for you. Are you ready, yes, then get started!

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