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Friday, 06 January 2017 13:48

New Year's Resolution - A Way of Life!

If part of your New Year plan is to get into shape, lose a little weight and hydrate for better health, then here’s a good start. The four great links below will give you all the information you need to get started…and isn’t getting started the first step. I know I was excited to see the new thinking when it comes to exercise. Just 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there, offers as much reward as some of the more grueling workouts! That makes me smile, really smile! And, we didn’t leave it at that…the last link shares some awesome recipes that will have you eating healthy in no time!

How much water do I need daily?

How much water should you drink each day? It's a simple question with no easy answers. Studies have produced varying recommendations over the years, but in truth, your water needs depend on many factors, including your health, how active you are and where you live.

Although no single formula fits everyone, knowing more about your body's need for fluids will help you estimate how much water to drink each day.

Click this link to read the full article from the MayoClinic!

How many calories a day to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight?

There are a variety of methods available to help people lose weight. Following a healthy diet and cutting calories is the safest and most practical way to lose weight. Figuring out how many calories your body needs and how many you should cut out to help you lose weight can be confusing and difficult to calculate. There are a variety of equations, estimations and graphs that can help you calculate a calorie level that will help you lose weight. Outside of using an online calculator or chart, there are equations that you can use to find a specific calorie target for your body.

Click this link to ready the full article

How much exercise do I need daily?

You say you don't have time to exercise? You're hardly alone. For many people, lack of time is the single biggest obstacle to fitness. But, experts say, you may be overestimating how much exercise you really need to get at one time. Instead of investing an hour at the gym, what if you could get fitter with 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there through your day?

There's building evidence that short but frequent bouts of exercise can yield plenty of health benefits. Consider the following fitness findings:

Great recipes to help you get started and stay on track!


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