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Thursday, 29 June 2017 18:36

Why are we so competitive?

Why must we always stack ourselves up against one another? Being competitive has existed as long as life itself. We compete for attention, affection, partners, jobs, compliments, sports and in many other ways. Even our thoughts compete with one another. In business, we compete for clients and customers. We compete and then work hard to retain our customers through good business practices. The competition will always be growing and changing, so it’s absolutely necessary for businesses to stay on their “A” game. Below, you'll find some interesting links that explain some of the need to be competitive and why competition can be a very healthy and good thing!

People do not “want” to be compared they must be compared. We talk about “competition” as if it only exists between people or organizations when they choose to compete, but it is a much broader concept than that. Competition exists wherever a comparison is made. It is needed whenever a person makes a choice. Whenever we have to decide between two courses of action, those two choices “compete” in our minds, until one wins out. Name any form of competition and you will see that underlying a comparison is being made. Two products compete for your money when they are compared for purchase. Two teams compete in a game, where they are compared by the resulting score. History’s most visible competitions—wars—are comparisons of strength to decide which army controls the ground. Can people have a romantic relation without comparing potential lovers and mates? Those people are in competition. Can you take a job without comparing your employment options? Those options are in competition. Click on this link to read the rest of the story:

Here are some reasons competitive people are better in life and business:

Six traits of unusually competitive people:

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