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Friday, 21 October 2016 12:22

Texting - It's Complicated!

Can we talk?

Texting has certainly replaced most of our personal phone calls and several face-to-face conversations and while it’s a great form of communication, auto correct has certainly made it an adventure. How many times have you had to “read between the lines” in a text message and guess what the person was really saying, only to find out you were wrong. Autocorrect can certainly be entertaining and give us that dose of comedic relief we all need from time to time. Take for instant, the mom that texted her daughter that her Aunt Mary had died and ended the text with LOL…only to find out that LOL does not mean “lots of love” instead it means “laugh out loud” not so funny. How about the son that got a text from his mom that said, “your adopted” only to find out it was supposed to be “accepted” to a very prestigious college. Personally, I am not a fan of texting; I prefer a phone conversation, especially if I have a lot to say. I do, however, comply with most that prefer I text! I am a huge fan of proofreading, so hopefully most of my texts make total sense.

I will keep this short and sweet…don’t text and drive! Distracted driving is everywhere…not just texting, dialing someone, talking to someone and looking for your phone, it all spells out trouble! We’ve all seen or followed or even worse, met on the wrong side of the road, the distracted driver who is weaving and swerving and crossing the yellow line. There’s no text, call, Instagram or pin worth your life or the lives of others. It seems no one gets serious about it until they have a close call, a near miss or lose someone because of distracted driving. Take it seriously now…not when it’s too late.


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