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Well it’s happening already…only so many weekends until Christmas, only so many shopping opportunities until Christmas, does it make you want to cringe? It makes me want to remind everyone it is still July, it’s hot, there’s still grass to mow and lots of sunshine to enjoy. Why must we live so far in the future? What can’t we live in the moment? I am not a complete scrooge, the Hallmark Christmas movies are out in full force…I do enjoy them maybe just a little. I guess I also understand the need to get started early on the shopping…it’s a very expensive holiday! Did you ever ask yourself why all this holiday hubbub starts so early? Think about it, we are eased into the holiday so that it doesn’t come as a shock when it’s right upon us. Around the first of October it’s full force, all out holiday mode, so much so that we almost miss the beauty of the fall season and the opportunity to be thankful on Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday has nearly disappeared and is replaced by shopping on Thanksgiving…again, why must we rush! I guess for those who like to shop early for Christmas, it’s very convenient since the winter coats are out and you can get winter gloves, boots and more starting in July. There’s nothing quite like going into a department store in July when it’s 90 degrees and seeing bulky winter coats hanging on the rack. Blah!

So here’s a reality check…it’s still July, it’s not snowy and cold, I don’t want to “deck the halls” or “wish you a merry Christmas”…I just want to enjoy summer, sunshine and warmth, swimming and picnicking. In closing let me say this “Happy Halloween everyone” – laughter is the best medicine and it’s free! Hope you’re laughing!

This blog borrowed from a fellow blogger.


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