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We’ve wrapped for years, or bagged if you prefer, but do we take the time to be creative? Who really has that kind of time? Let me give you some little tips that make gift wrapping or bagging a little more special, and will make your receivers feel you went one step further for them.

If you already purchased pre-printed wrapping paper this is great! Easy to match all your gifts. Instead of using pre-made ribbon from the store, think of using twine which is a more natural look and feel down home. Grab a piece of pine, put in your twine and the packet becomes divine! There! That was pretty simple!

Let’s go one step further… If you happen to have brown paper like they use to wrap fish or shipping packages that can be a really fun thing for you and the kiddos! You can paint designs on the paper, stamp different shapes or characters, or have the kids put their hands in paint (always a favorite of tiny tots) and plaster the paper with their hand prints! Grams and Gramps will certainly love that!

If a bag is all you had, no problem! Around the handles, gather them together, tie a bow with twine, add the pine, and all is good! All is fine!

If you just happen to have doilies (remember doilies?) you can wrap a doily around the side of the package for a touch of country. Wrap that twine, add that pine, and again the package becomes that much more divine! You have now added a little “fine” to your Christmas time! Just say you made it “mine!”

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Typically, we have stored items away each Christmas season including heirlooms, things we have purchased or gifts we have received through the years. We usually un-box our treasures with anticipation of where we will place our decorations; some will have the exact placement each year, whereas some will design something new. One thing that we can all do to add a natural element to the fun is by adding what we have already at our disposal. Right out the door there could be sticks, pinecones, pine branches and holly sure to a creative touch.


Think of all the fun you will have gathering those items in a basket with the kids or with your sweetie. So many shelves and baskets in the home can hold these wonderful, natural elements from the outdoors. Adding electric string lights to these will make it even more festive! Candles mixed in can be so charming as well. Think about the dining table with friends and family gathered to see all your beautiful décor.


There are many ideas on Pinterest to see DIY ideas and crafts that are fun to do. The best thing of all is that it didn’t cost a thing to make your home a lovely place to enjoy the season. The natural pine scents will add that touch of Christmas joy. Make it a tradition with friends and family to gather nature’s elements to bring memories for years to come.





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Monday, 15 December 2014 14:43

Have you found the holiday spirit?

We are rapidly approaching Christmas Day, and as I observe the people around me, I wonder if we have lost the Holiday Spirit. It seems crazy, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and people knocking each other down to get to the last one of this or that, or just to be first in line. Then there’s the stress of getting just the right gift, finishing the shopping, the perfect meal and decorating inside and out.

I fondly remember Christmastime of the past. Christmas decorations in department stores were never seen until the first of December and Woolworth’s five and dime, modestly decorated in red and green, offered simple gifts of candy, perfume, jewelry, socks and just about anything else you could think of. Christmas was simple, gifts that were surprises, live trees decorated with ornaments that bubbled, and bowls of nuts you cracked with a special nutcracker that looked a lot like a pair of plyers or in some houses it was a real nutcracker that looked just like a tin soldier. There was something called ribbon candy, that for the most part was thrown away a week or so after Christmas, but it was always a part of the candy and nuts offered to anyone who visited.  We ate ham that had slow cooked in Grandma’s oven all day long. We ate it along with cookies and didn’t count the calories or fat grams, we just enjoyed it. Christmas Eve brought carolers singing the traditional Christmas songs, the ones we all knew the words to and we sang along. The children would be dressed in their very best attire as they presented their Christmas program at school or at church, the whole family attended as part of the season’s tradition.

This year, bring a little “simple” to your holiday festivities. Remember that the perfect gift doesn’t really exist. It becomes perfect when given with the right heart and received in humbleness and joy. The perfect meal is one where the face across the table is happy, healthy and a part of what gives your life meaning, and the decorations are created in grade school, Sunday school or at home with paper and glue and has a printed name somewhere on the back that takes you back to a time of childhood.

Remember, we should serve others all year round. Be kind, courteous and really aware of others around you, we never know the condition of those who pass by us, or work with us or sometimes, live with us. Pay it forward.

Merry Christmas                                                                                                                                       

-Written by using life experiences from many, because it is the lives of others that truly enrich our walk on this earth.



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