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Friday, 28 October 2016 14:57

What Does Your Retirement Look Like?

What’s your plan? I once thought I wanted to sell everything and hit the open road, the problem was I couldn’t get my spouse on board. I would talk about all the wonderful travels and adventures we would experience, the places we would see and how we would never have to see snow again! Living in Ohio, that’s a big deal. I would further try to entice him by saying things like, if we don’t like the weather, we can just get in the RV and head to another state. He never seemed very excited about that prospect of becoming gypsies. I was ready, just say the word and let’s go. Then…he became very interested in the idea and suggested we talk about in a much deeper way, so we did. We discussed putting the money back from the sale of our house and having it available for the “just in case” situations and we talked about working part-time because we actually wanted to retire before we could collect Social Security and we talked about our children and grandchildren, our friends, other family members, our church family and lots of deep and important things. My husband said his greatest concern was that we would not feel like we were ever really “home” when we were on the road, and that in selling our house, we wouldn’t have a “home” to come home to. I told him I never worried about that, I explained how life on the road would make us free spirits and that our RV would become our home. We took several walks and had lots of talks about it and then…it happened, he started looking for RVs and I started worrying about missing home and missing our family and what if I missed my house and it was sold and what would we do then. I turned into him! So…we took another walk and I told him that now I was thinking differently about everything. I expressed my concerns and he looked at me and said, “yep, I knew you would start to change your mind if you gave it a little thought”, so now retirement looks differently to me. I guess I won’t become a gypsy with a free spirit, I guess I’ll just be a normal retiree. What does your retirement dream look like? Have you given it any thought? Are you financially prepared to do it the way you want? I hope so, I hope you do something fun and exciting and I hope you don’t let practicality clip your free spirit wings and I hope you never lose your gypsy soul!


This blog borrowed from a fellow blogger.

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Why do we see faces in objects around us? Science explains to us that what our Retinas see is actually scrambled until our brain sorts it out for us. You see, our brains see faces every day, so it makes sense that when wet spots, wrinkles, dots, indentations, tools, etc. come together and form what appears to be a face our brain agrees with that and shows us a more defined picture in our heads. I discovered this great article about how our brain convinces us that we actually see an elephant in the clouds, a face on the front of a building or on a tree, or a smile in the grill of a car, I am sharing it with you so you can make your own informed decision. So now you have the scientific side of things…what do you think? I think maybe there are faces everywhere, just to reassure us that we’re never alone!

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Friday, 16 May 2014 19:01

Arborist-Tree Doctor

Informally, an arborist’s job description can simply be titled, “tree doctor.”  Here at McCullough’s, we have four arborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).  This means that they have all passed a comprehensive examination and continually keep up to date with the education provided by the ISA.  As an arborist, our guys are educated in the art and science of planting, caring for and maintaining trees. 

The next question that may arise is, “When would I need an arborist?”  Good question, it can be related to, “At what point do I need to go to the doctor?”  Treat your trees as if they need doctors like people do.  You can fix minor injuries with a first-aid kit and you can trim a small tree’s branches that are shading too much of your window with shears.  Whenever you fall ill or become injured and decide it’s time to see the doctor or go to the hospital, the same decision making process should be used for your trees.  Call us, the tree experts, and let us take all the measures possible to ensure your trees stay healthy and to nurture any sick ones back to health. 


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