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Wednesday, 03 January 2018 20:47

Did you ever go camping in the winter?

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It turns out that winter camping is one of the most serene times to go “off the grid” and enjoy serenity, reflection and exploration. First of all, make sure wherever you decide to go that you are well equipped depending how long you plan to venture out.


Depending on the temperature, you may see fit to layer it up. The more layers the better, because you can always strip layers off if you become too warm. Heavy insulated gloves, socks, pants and coat along with the hat and scarf accessories are essential to a comfortable trip. Bring along extra just in case.


Food supply needs to be easy, convenient and stored very well, so you are not attracting hungry, unwanted wildlife to your camp site. Keep everything packed in a storage container that can be locked. A bear or even a moose (depending on if you are going to be in Alaska) would be a not-so-wonderful surprise if they smelled the rations that you planned for yourself. BE SAFE!


Will you take a camper? Tent? Build a temporary Fort? Stay in a cabin? So many ways you can enjoy your time depending on how much you want to rough it. Always be sure that you know how to start a fire if by chance you lost your matches or couldn’t find fitting firewood. Always have a backup plan! Remember what you learned as a boy or girl scout…BE PREPARED!


Now, where will you go? Has snow fallen, is it expected? Knowing what the weather will be certainly helps prepare for the trip. Hiking, fishing, hunting, boating, etc…are among the types of activities you may plan for. Always make a list of equipment and supplies needed. No one wants to hike to a great fishing or hunting spot only to find out miles and miles away you left your gear! Let’s not even go there!


So, remember, first of all HAVE FUN! The better prepared you are for the trip, the less stressed you will be…which is the idea for the adventure in the first place. Make a list, mark everything as you prepare, so you know what you have not checked off and go out there and explore the world at a time when most likely you won’t have other people all around. THIS IS THE LIFE! Make some tracks!


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Wess McCullough

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