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Thursday, 14 December 2017 20:42

Creative Wrapping Ideas to add that touch of Devine!

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We’ve wrapped for years, or bagged if you prefer, but do we take the time to be creative? Who really has that kind of time? Let me give you some little tips that make gift wrapping or bagging a little more special, and will make your receivers feel you went one step further for them.

If you already purchased pre-printed wrapping paper this is great! Easy to match all your gifts. Instead of using pre-made ribbon from the store, think of using twine which is a more natural look and feel down home. Grab a piece of pine, put in your twine and the packet becomes divine! There! That was pretty simple!

Let’s go one step further… If you happen to have brown paper like they use to wrap fish or shipping packages that can be a really fun thing for you and the kiddos! You can paint designs on the paper, stamp different shapes or characters, or have the kids put their hands in paint (always a favorite of tiny tots) and plaster the paper with their hand prints! Grams and Gramps will certainly love that!

If a bag is all you had, no problem! Around the handles, gather them together, tie a bow with twine, add the pine, and all is good! All is fine!

If you just happen to have doilies (remember doilies?) you can wrap a doily around the side of the package for a touch of country. Wrap that twine, add that pine, and again the package becomes that much more divine! You have now added a little “fine” to your Christmas time! Just say you made it “mine!”

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Wess McCullough

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