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Sunday, 01 May 2016 21:44

The Good and Bad of Social Media

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Are you a tech-aholic? Can’t get enough of social media? Well, to be totally truthful…I can’t either!

Social media has many benefits. It can connect families from all over the country. It can help you find long lost friends, colleagues, school mates, high school sweethearts and more. Social media is also a great marketing tool. You can learn so much about businesses by looking at their social media pages. Reviews, comments and posts can give you great insight into their services and how they preform them. You can see products, great deals, sales, solutions to problems, great recipes and the list goes on and on. Pinterest is an invaluable site for great ideas and “how to” projects. Even though youtube might not be considered social media, there are many useful and insightful videos that help you solve every day problems. I have to say our family has fixed many car repair issues and home improvement projects by watching helpful youtube videos. Youtube is also a ton of fun… hey, who doesn’t want to be able to whip and nae nae, not to mention stanky leg!

Now…let’s really talk about social media! I can’t say enough about the excessive amount of DRAMA that goes on every day all day! For some of us…it’s completely annoying, for others it seems to be a way of life in which they thrive. Now one would think it would be the young people, those who haven’t been on this earth long enough to know that not everyone wants to hear about your arguments, shopping trips, what you had to eat, who is talking about whom, work drama, road rage and…I could go on and on, but this kind of stuff is being posted by individuals of all ages! Please, enough already...nobody really wants to know everything about your life!

There is a really dark side to social media too. We need to educate our kids at a very young age about the people out there who seek to harm. Parents, really pay attention to who your kids are talking to, sharing photos with and meeting up with. Where there is good, evil is ever present!

So now that you have my two-cents worth about social media…I wonder, will you do anything differently?!

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Wess McCullough

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