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Would an instant on-demand workforce, certified and specialized, make your job go smoother? Call McCullough's Tree Service today!


Frequently, property managers and municipalities require long-term vision and consulting as it relates to expansion, preservation or historical restoration. We can help you with site evaluations, project management, risk assessment and budgeting.

Peak Seasons

We Can Supplement Your In-house Commercial Landscaping Crews. If you are short-handed during peak grounds-keeping season, have an issue with maintaining specialty equipment or regulatory compliance licenses and procedures, we can help.

Phased Work

If you're involved in a restoration project or manage a property, chances are there is more work to do than the budget allows. Devising a long term strategy, taking into account safety issues, tree preservation and aesthetics requires professionals with vision and experience.

Snow and Ice

Winter is never a problem with McCullough's top priority snow removal services. We offer annual agreements for our commercial customers that save you from frustration and worry AND protect you from inexperienced and uninsured operators.

At McCullough's Tree Service, we understand the unique requirements of each individual landscape and offer the choice and flexibility to service our client’s properties when it’s convenient for them. Many commercial organizations, including golf courses, historic properties, homeowners associations, schools, college campuses, institutions and unique properties, trust us to care for their properties.